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There are three main challenges that face those responsible for the security of hospitals, clinics and health centres:

  • The premises need to be protected against trespass and vandalism.
  • Valuable or potentially dangerous equipment and materials must be kept secure from thieves.
  • Most important of all is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff.

Whether starting an initial review, adding to existing measures, or looking for a solution to specific problems, we trust you will find this guide useful.

If you would like a summary of the information contained in this guide, please contact us and ask for a copy of our brochure "Security in Healthcare". HCB.jpg (9404 bytes)

Security in Healthcare

The ASSA Solution
Four reasons why our products are already in extensive use by health trusts throughout the UK.

Security in Healthcare
An overview of the main areas of concern

Access control
A guide to the main issues

Master keying
A guide to the main issues

Escape hardware
A guide to the main issues

Door locks
A guide to the main issues


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