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This guide is aimed at simplifying the task of housing providers.   You need to protect your residents, ensuring their security against crime and vandalism.  At the same time you must not neglect safety and means of escape in case of fire.  These requirements remain the same whether you are designing conventional houses and flats or specialist accommodation for people with special needs.  Of course, each of these also has its own distinct requirements as well.  Drawing on our many years of experience we have put together this guide on which products to specify for each different application.

If you would like a summary of the information contained in this guide, please contact us and ask for a copy of our brochure "Creating Secure Housing and Accommodation". HOB.jpg (9984 bytes)

Security in Housing

The ASSA Solution
Four reasons why our products are already in extensive use by local authorities, housing associations and community health trusts throughout the UK.

Housing and Accommodation
A guide to the main issues

Sheltered Housing
A guide to the main issues

Secure Accommodation
A guide to the main issues

Specification Guide
When you are ready to draw up your specification, go to this page.


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