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ASSA products are sold through a  network of stockists throughout the UK and Ireland.

To locate your closest stockist you can use our Stockist Finder.

ASSA Stockists - our partners in excellence

Becoming an ASSA Stockist is no easy task.

Our stockists must have wide-ranging expertise in their chosen market sector.

They must carry substantial ranges of stock.  They must meet our exacting standards in every area of their business.  And they must employ qualified staff, who participate in our comprehensive, ongoing training programmes.

But that's only the beginning.

All Security Centres are able to produce keys and manufacture lock cylinders, immediately if required.  All invest in the same software which enables them to design, manufacture and maintain systems, guaranteeing accuracy over many years.

Our stockist network enables us to offer expertise in scheduling, surveys, security advice, integrating complementary products, installation, preventative maintenance, 24-hour callout and on-line support for electronic systems.

As we said, becoming an ASSA Stockist is far from simple.

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To find your local ASSA stockist:

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Outside the British Isles?  Many of our stockists can arrange for export of our products, or alternatively you can contact our parent company ASSA ABLOY for details of our world-wide operations.


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